Is Houston the Unknown Crown Jewel in Tech Leadership?

When most people think of cities that have become technology leaders, Houston is probably not at the top of their list. However, this big city has seen a huge amount of growth in tech fields over the last decade.


From medical technology to the well-known NASA space center, tech is an industry that is thriving in Texas. The lower taxes across the state and the growing population in the city of Houston make it a powerful magnet for any tech companies looking to hang their shingles here. STEM graduates have their eye on the area thanks to the higher than average salaries combined with a lower cost of living, making it an ideal place for anyone looking to make their mark in tech.


Another feather in Houston’s cap? Last year it was ranked above Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio for best cities for women in tech, number 22 out of 58 US cities. Women make up more than 25% of the tech workforce in Houston and they see a much tighter wage gap than in many tech-force cities.


Although Houston has traditionally been known for being the home of several oil and gas companies, today there is a steady growth of manufacturing, healthcare, biotech and information technology companies making their mark here.


The Texas Medical Center has set up an accelerator, providing startup companies with shared workspaces to help entrepreneurs in growing their business through workshops, hands-on events and guidance from more than 100 advisors.


Another hub for tech startups is Station Houston, a nonprofit company whose mission is to serve entrepreneurs and help them find success. Station Houston offers a large co-working space as well as private offices to help tech startups accelerate their success. They get to connect with other members, have access to valuable resources and potential partners online.


Another big growth leader in the Houston tech industry is Management Controls, a company whose software suite is changing the way industries manage their projects through automation. Companies like these are popping up and flourishing in the Houston area because there is such a wide variety of industries nestled into one huge city that can each benefit from the services offered by one another.


The city of Houston knows that it is on the rise and the community and its leaders are taking steps to reinvest in the city and make it into an even better place to live and work so that it will continue to attract the brightest minds in the industry. Where the talent goes, the investors are soon to follow. Silicon Valley is taking note, and so should the rest of the tech world.