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The Biggest Benefit of Happy Customers

Your Most Valuable Resource: Happy Customers

A lot of businesses have uncovered one of their most valuable resources: happy customers. When you go above and beyond to make your customers happy, you create a loyalty that lasts and keeps them coming to you time and again for their needs. What’s more, loyal customers become a wellspring of referrals for your business. They want to send more customers your way by recommending you to friends, family, coworkers, other businesses. Have you started tapping into your own most valuable resource to grow your brand?   Research has shown that customers who are referred to you by an existing customer are better for your business than one who has come to you from other sources. Referred customers:   Have a net promoter score (NPS) that is 15 points above the average Have a lifetime value (LTV) that is 25% higher Have an average order value (AOV) that is 20% higher each year ...

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Public Relations and Media

Public Relations- What Role Does the Media Play in Your Business?

When you think of the term “public relations,” you probably only think of it as something you may need in the distant future when your small business has grown into a giant beast of a success story. In reality, if you want to see your business grow into something amazing even sooner, then it’s time to start thinking of PR and how it relates to your business today.   Ask anyone in any business and they will tell you that publicity is more effective- and less costly- than advertising. It has a bigger impact on your target audience and actually sends a clear message to a larger number of people than a few Facebook advertisements. What’s more important is that publicity has the huge benefit of being more credible with the public. A story about your brand/ product/ service on the media has a bigger impact on your audience than a flyer...

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