Tips for dealing with today’s crisis

The world has changed for all of us for the next few weeks and likely the next few months.  Many of us are now working from home and looking for ways to bring some normalcy back to our lives while remaining vigilant in following recommended guidelines of social distancing, hand washing, sterilizing and overall caution in helping protect those of us who are most vulnerable.
Listed below are some things that I am using to help me continue working and find some sanity during this time and I wanted to share them with you with the hopes that it might help. If you have some tips you would like to share of resources you’ve found or things you have that may help our community please send them to me and I’ll be happy to share.  I will also put this information on our Facebook page here.  I encourage you to join our community and we will get through this together.
Remote working technology
First, for remote working I have been using Zoom.  I switched to another platform (full disclosure they are a partner of a client of ours) that is easy and is fully functional for what I need.  Try Webex Teams for free to connect teams that work together frequently, which includes conference calling, team collaboration via spaces where you can text and share.    You can also use the Webex videoconference app separately, and can sign up for free.  Note that both Zoom and Webex services are experiencing unprecedented demand so both of their phone audio lines are either unavailable or busy.  Rely on the computer link the most during this high demand period while they sort out their response to the increase in demand.
Hand sanitizer
For those runs to the store only to discover they have no toilet paper or hand sanitizer, local distilleries are stepping up to help out with at least the hand sanitizer.  Check your local distilleries to find out when they will be ready to sell.  This distillery has it in the works:
Live music to your living room
Ok, so this is admittedly a shameless plug about a project I am working on to support our Texas singer-songwriters called HoustonLive.  As with most businesses, musicians, restaurant and bars have been hit by the call to not gather in groups of more than ten.  Pretty hard on their tour schedules that have all been cancelled leaving these talented souls to now sit at home with nothing to do, except they CAN live stream.  You can benefit from hearing some of the best original Texas singer-songwriters around in your living room!  Join our Facebook page to learn about future virtual concerts.  
More dine and drink in options
Many of our restaurants have take out and delivery options, so make sure to check out your local restaurants to support them and get some great grub straight to your home.  Here are a few in Houston: Mucky Duck is working on curb-side options and they already have Uber Eats delivery.  Harold’s Restaurant and Taproom in the Heights can deliver food and beverages (including alcohol when your purchase includes food).  Mutiny Wine Room has curb-side pickup for wine and food.  Nice Winery has the same curb-side pickup.
We will continue to add to our list and include them on our Facebook page so make sure to follow up.
Escape to the outdoors
So the kids are home with school out, the dogs are there and you are there.  The whole family with a lot of quality time together.  What can you do when your house starts to shrink and the entire family there 24/7 starts to get a little stuffy?  Head outside!  Parks are a great way to escape and I want to share one of my favorite personal escapes.  Just an hour from Houston is a beautiful bed and breakfast working ranch on 500 acres in Cat Spring, Texas.  Check out their website and book a couple of nights escape which can include shooting, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, feeding tours for the many animals on property and more.  It’s a wonderfully beautiful place to escape and enjoy.  More information on their website here:
Porch parties
This is something our neighbors and I have been chatting about.  Think about Italy and their singing from their balconies.  We’ll be less musical but we’ll be enjoying sitting on our porch and chatting from the appropriate social distance with our neighbors. It’s refreshing in a way to slow down and get to know our neighbors again.  You might try it too!  Hang out on your front porch and see what happens!
If there is another tip you would like me to share, please send it here.  If you need encouragement please do not hesitate to call me directly at 713-294-9888 or email me at  We’re in this together and I hope these helped in some way.  Just a few more things to consider during this time:

  • Sign up for a Master Class.  Here’s a great source.
  • Here’s one I’m currently watching for Women Leaders.
  • Here’s a free webinar from Jack Canfield that I find to be inspiring and informative about our current situation.
  • Get your house in order.  I’ve gone through closets and donated what I haven’t worn in a year.  Feels very liberating.
  • Practice an instrument.  I’m currently practicing guitar.  There are a ton of lessons for free on Youtube. 

Also, for those who are still trying to navigate what is real and what is fake news about the virus. I received a very helpful video from my doctor.   If you want to see what this virus is and what it isn’t; and how you can prepare with real information, check out her video here (just a heads up, she is Christian so there is some prayer in there).  She is based in Houston, Texas.