Dealing with crisis

Tips for dealing with today’s crisis

The world has changed for all of us for the next few weeks and likely the next few months.  Many of us are now working from home and looking for ways to bring some normalcy back to our lives while remaining vigilant in following recommended guidelines of social distancing, hand washing, sterilizing and overall caution in helping protect those of us who are most vulnerable. Listed below are some things that I am using to help me continue working and find some sanity during this time and I wanted to share them with you with the hopes that it might help. If you have some tips you would like to share of resources you’ve found or things you have that may help our community please send them to me and I’ll be happy to share.  I will also put this information on our Facebook page here.  I encourage you to join our community and we will...

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Vision to Thrive

This month’s theme inspired me on so many levels.   The Oxford Dictionary description of Thrive:  (of a child, animal, or plant) is to grow or develop well or vigorously.  So, to thrive is in a way to be renewed and grow.  Isn’t this true for us at any transition point in our lives whether subtle or abrupt?  Think of how our cells regenerate in our body and depending on the type of cell, can take anywhere from 10 hours to 2 years or more to do so. Imagine the possibilities in our personal lives if even our bodies are constantly regenerating.  We are presented with endless new options, new life and regeneration.  If your body regenerates every few years or so, what kind of regeneration can you do with your thoughts, opportunities and path before you?  Remember this the next time you feel stuck.   What if we could see our way...

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Top 11 Ways to Grow Your Company: Advertise or Bust

I think it’s safe to say that many believe that long ago are the days where advertising is paramount to growing your business, however, advertising may have shifted but it remains an essential ingredient to your marketing mix to drive substantial growth for your company. Let’s consider the potential sources of growth for your company...

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