Fit Your Business into the Social Economy

Every day, we see more and more business owners who are focused more on the social economy, or people before profit. While you of course want your business to be a success financially, there is also a lot of value that comes from creating a brand that is driven more by purpose than profits.


Today’s consumers have begun to expect more from the brands they use each day. They are looking for companies that are working to make a difference, whether in social or environmental issues. They want brands who are working to reduce waste, fight emissions, keep rivers and oceans clean. They gravitate towards companies who spend time and money working for social initiatives like helping the homeless population or pushing for marriage equality. What your customers today are looking for goes beyond the product or service you provide, but what you will be doing with the money you earn from their purchases.


The idea of the social economy is one that any marketer needs to bear in mind when they are communicating with their target audience. What is a purpose that drives you? What differences do you want to make in your community? Define your purpose and incorporate that into your messages to your customers and prospects in a way that makes sense for your brand.


For example, the owner of a small web design business may decide that one way they can help their community would be to host events where high school girls can get introduced to computer coding, giving them a glimpse into a career field they might not otherwise consider. There are so many different ways that you can find to give back and make a difference to your community, and if you can tie it in with your brand message, so much the better.


Still not sure where to begin? Get feedback from your customers. Where do they see an opportunity for change? What would they like to see from your company? What information can you pass on that can make a difference for your customers or your community?


Shape your place in the social economy by uncovering what matters most to you and to the people you serve and find unique ways to share your message and take action to make a difference in your community.