The Importance of Employee Engagement

Companies are really starting to realize the value of their most important assets: the employees. More and more we see companies that are focusing a lot of attention on employee engagement and internal communications. Employees who are invested in their company are brand ambassadors. They work hard to create not just a positive culture inside the company but to show your customers just what an amazing company you have. For this reason, you should always do more to encourage open internal communication with all levels of your team and promote employee engagement from top to bottom. Treat each employee like the valuable stakeholders they are and you will be pleased with the results!


When you have a high level of employee engagement in your business, here are some of the positive results you can expect to see:


Engaged employees are:


More productive


Engaged employees feel a deeper connection with their company and are willing to work harder in order to help it thrive. Businesses with high employee engagement also see fewer instances of absenteeism and workplace accidents. This can lead to a big savings for the company each year.


Less likely to quit


A happy employee is less likely to start looking for a new job somewhere else. If you are working to make each employee feel that they are valuable and that the role they play is an important part of the company’s success, they are going to be content to stay where they are. Employees feel connected to their company when they are included in communications and feel that they have some influence through the role they play at work. That connection means your employees are less likely to quit.


More positive


The more connected your employees are to the business; the more positive they are about working to make it successful each day. They share that boost in morale with each other which means they help create an atmosphere of excitement in your company.


Better communicators


When your employees care about your company, they are ready to engage in effective communication with their peers, leaders and customers. They will give valuable feedback and go out of their way to start stimulating conversations that can help drive deeper connections within and without. They will bring new, fresh ideas to the table which can be extremely beneficial.


Brand ambassadors


Creating a culture of employee engagement means that you are creating employees who become brand ambassadors. They are out there championing your brand; ready to recommend your business, products and services to anyone they meet. They are excited about the company they are a part of and they want to make others excited too. You can spend a ton of money on marketing but having real people out there who are talking about your brand in a positive, glowing fashion makes the biggest impact.


If you are not already driving employee engagement at your company, it is time to start. Start including everyone in important employee communications. Ask for feedback and ideas. Start inviting them to brainstorming sessions. Take time to engage employees in conversations and let them know that you appreciate the work that they do and you will see that connection start to grow and benefit your business immediately.

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