Why You Need a Strong Positioning Statement

If you had to condense the purpose of your business, product, or service into one single statement, could you do it? Could you do it in a way that packs a punch? Generating your own positioning statement is one of the most powerful ways to set your marketing on the right track. A strong positioning statement tells your target audience exactly what they need to know about who you are as a brand and filters out all the rest. This is the starting point for creating a marketing strategy that resonates through your entire company and out to the people you want to reach.


So, what is a positioning statement? A positioning statement is a succinct description of your brand’s target audience combined with a persuasive description of how you want your brand to be seen by that audience. This statement is not for your target market. It is a honing tool for your entire company so that all of your efforts come together to shape a clear message in all that you do for your brand.


Your positioning statement needs to be simple yet memorable. It draws a clear picture of what sets you apart from the competition. It is easy for people to believe in. Finally, it also leaves room for growth. A great positioning statement includes some variation on four key elements:


  • Your product: What is it you provide and why is it important to your customers?
  • Your target audience: Know who needs your product. You can’t waste time marketing to everyone, so know who is really going to benefit from what you are offering.
  • The competition: The competition is out there, so make sure you are telling people what makes you different and where you stand among the rest.
  • Your brand’s promise: What is it that your brand is going to deliver? Make a promise but also make sure it is one you can keep.


Your positioning statement might sound a bit like something you will add to your marketing materials, but it is meant for the inner workings of your company.


The positioning statement is what jumpstarts all elements of your marketing strategy. To have a stellar marketing plan, you need everyone on your team to have a clear understanding of your brand’s message. Keeping this front-of-mind for everyone means that whenever it is time to focus on the next marketing message, product tagline, or elevator pitch, your team knows what is at the heart of those things.

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